Glass Fused to Steel Tank

Product description:

Glass fused to steel tank is made of enamelled steel plate, special sealing material, self-locking bolt and other materials.

The thickness of enamelled steel plate can reach 20 mm; the thickness of common steel plate in stock is 3-8 mm. After pickling, alkali washing, sanding and other pretreatment processes, the oily, rusty with oxide skin surface of steel plate can be cleaned. Then after 900 high temperatures secondary enamel in the electric furnace, 0.3mm enamel coating is applied on the inner and outer sides of the steel plate. There is a strong binding force between enamel coating and steel plate.

Enamelled coating can not only prevent tank corrosion, but also resist strong acid and alkali. And it has a strong anti-wear property.

Product advantages:

Steel plate enamelled is the best anticorrosive coating in tank industry.

Enamel is a kind of high-strength material made by melting enamel (similar to glass composition) and steel in a professional precise control enamel furnace at nearly 1000 ℃.

The enamelled coating forms a solid inert protective layer on the steel surface. The enamel has strong corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance and impact resistance.

Quality advantage:

Beautiful appearance, color matching according to the environment needs;

Stable quality, excellent corrosion resistance, service life > 30 years;

High level of equipment standardization

Cost advantage:

The construction period is short, the cost is low; the site requirements are low, no large-scale installation equipment is required; the maintenance is simple, and the later cost is low.

Installation advantages

It is easy to install and simple to construct. It can be expanded, disassembled and moved at will.

Application field of enamel assembled tank:

Enamel assembly tank can provide all kinds of water containers for any sewage treatment project, biogas project, electric power project and petrochemical industry. Including (but not limited to):

--Combined container

--Sludge collection tank and its replacement tank

--Sedimentation tank, regulating tank, desulfurization tank and activated carbon tank

--SBR tank, contact oxidation tank

--Anaerobic UASB, EGSB, IC

--Biogas fermentation tank, biogas gas holder (USR, CSTR)

--Softened water tank, demineralised water tank

--Storage tank for oil field and chemical industry

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