• Biogas Flare

  • Biogas Flare

  • Biogas Flare

  • Biogas Flare

Biogas Flare

Product Description

The flare consists of the following parts:

1)            Burner: burner takes use of internal combustion and external air blast, and cooling combustion air duct structure, material made of heat-resistant steel structure.

2)            Ignition system adopts booster transformer and ignition electrode tip discharge ignition.

3)            The flare body is made of stainless steel pipe.

4)            The combustion system of the burner adopts automatic reset normally closed electric valve, the gas nozzle adopts porous spraying, and equipped with fire prevention function.

5)            The air blowing system of the burner adopts 4-27 type blowers and equipped with air adjusting device.

6)            Flare control: the system adopts automatic combustion control. The control signal source is provided by three pressure detectors installed on the biogas pipeline to complete the first and second stage fire combustion of the biogas torch and automatic shutdown.


1)            The flare is simple overall structure and easy for installation. The flare foundation can be made according to the size of the provided foundation bolts

2)            Connect the pipeline according to the drawing.

3)            Connect the wires according to the flare distribution diagram.

4)            If the flare is installed on the building and higher than the surrounding buildings, lightning grounding should be done. Lightning grounding apply for the local standard.

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