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Agitators Equipment description:

Combining the theoretical research of the mixing operation process with the rich practical application, taking use of large amount of mixing data, anti-rust material, ware resistance data, impeller forming technology to make out more effective and optimized mixing equipment.

Our agitator has the following features:

1. Anti-explosion motor: start up in low speed rate to ensure the stability of the mixing equipment. Choose the economic speed according to the TS density and process requirement. High running speed when normal operation to realize mixing effect.

2. Design of mixing shaft is hanging above the bottom to avoid the maintenance due to the wear by the bottom bearing.

3. Open structure of agitator, stud connection, quick and simple field installation.

4. Special baffle designs: under the condition of certain stirring speed and agitator size, floating objects in the upper layer rapidly screw into the bottom of the tank body can be realized. Meanwhile the materials at the bottom with more anaerobic bacteria can be fully and quickly stirred evenly so as to realize the full and uniform mixing of fermentation materials and anaerobic bacteria, and then improve the gas production efficiency.

5. Widely used in mixing of straw, manure and so on raw materials.

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