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The Music Fountain Lighting Show

Sep. 07, 2020

Boring with going out to the shopping mall or restaurant every weekend. 


We need to try different things. Here is a news that there will be a music foutain lighting show at night.  It should be wonderful.


We finished our dinner one hour ealier than before.  We were told from the radio that there would be traffic jam. We didn't worry too much as it's not far away. But actually we spent one hour to the desination and didn't find a place for parking the car. Anyway we found one place and rushed to the site. 

There were so many people walking to the site, luckly there are guards to keep the site on order. 

The show has been started, we can heard the beautiful tune and see that fountain spraying so high. 


My son was so excited and sitting on my shoulder waving his hands to dance along with the dynamic music. 

After several tunes, we had to go otherwise we would be stucked here. And the fact proved that our decision was true. But we still spent two hours back to home as the nearby roads were over tranffic. 

For more site details, you can read by the follow link. 


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