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Good Helper Of Pest Control-Solar Insecticide Lamp

Sep. 15, 2020

The economy has been developing faster and faster. The people life has changes a lot and become better and better. Now the people chase more high quality living and also the health food.

Before farmers use too much chemicals on the crops, fruits, vegetables, breeding to prevent the insect pest and disease, but people will be the final victim. Those harmful toxins, chemical, heavy metal will deposit in our bodies and cause adverse effects on our heath. Now many cases are related with the polluted foods.

If there are some measurement to help to reduce the chemical usage, farmers should welcome.

Solar is one of the greatest things which nature gives to us. Now we can take use of solar to create so many products which can be used in our daily life and also the relative field.

Solar garden light can dress up our garden and house more beautiful at night.

We also can take use of light nature and our knowledge to innovate more useful things.

Solar insecticide lamp is taking use of the characteristic principle of phototaxis, trend wave, trend color of insects to realize eliminate the pests.

Solar insecticide lamp has lots of advantages:

1.       Large area of bait and kill, long life span

2.       Good pest control effect, high killing efficiency

3.       Wide ranges of usage, more than one thousand kinds of pests can be induced to kill. It can be used for all kinds of agricultural and forestry crops, tea garden, rice grain field base, cotton field, vegetable base, forest tree, flowers, orchards, breeding and so on. Besides, the process of insecticidal action has no pollution to the environment. Energy conservation and environmental protection are non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals.

4.       Solar insecticidal lamps reduce or even eliminate the use of pesticides, no pollution

5.       Improve production and quality of crops

6.       Solar insecticidal lamp in insecticidal process does not produce any toxic substances, not like a toxic chemical substances such as pesticide, pollute air, water, soil and kill beneficial insects, frogs, birds, thus gradually restore local ecological balance, return to nature, and ultimately protect the human health.

7.       Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and convenience


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