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Fast Development of Solar Street Light in China

Nov. 20, 2019

When talking about solar street lamp, most people will think that the price is very high; in fact, it has so many advantages when compare with traditional products.

In the long time running, high-tech products will create more value. And we benefit from it more.

With the constant change of the city policy, we will find the traditional street lights around road are slowly replaced by solar ones. While a lot of people will think that it's expensive to change them as the cost is much high, the government should save the expenditure and spend it on those thing which is in short of the capital.

But the solar street lamp is just one-time investment for quite long time. The sun will pay for the bill of the electricity. And there is less cost requested upon the maintenance.

According to incomplete statistics, hundreds of millions was paid for the maintenance of usage of traditional street lights every year in China. Just imagine that how much can be saved by replacing them with the solar lamps. The nation can spare more capital to spend on other urgent things.

Along with the fast development of our economy, the demand of more electricity becomes more and more severe problem. Solar lamps are so popular in china that it greatly improves our native especially rural people's living conditions.

Besides, more and more advanced technology success can reduce the cost further to an affordable level.

In the long-term view, solar lighting will be more popular in the daily life.

From the perspective of the overall development trend of China solar street lamp industry, it is estimated that the output of the whole industry is expected to be up to 2,025 million lamps by 2020.The market capacity of solar street lamps will reach 60 billion RMB by 2020.

Fast Development of Solar Street Light in China

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